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The Sanderson sisters aren't out here causing trouble...Thunderbolt has just put a spell on you.

We're just joking. That spellbound feeling comes from our spine-tingling Halloween-themed slots and lavish spooky spins.

Thunderbolt Casino has one of the most popular Halloween offers, we promise you it will be love at first bite.


A few tricks and plenty of treats

We know that vampires are such a pain in the neck, but we can guarantee that Halloween at Thunderbolt is anything but! You're in for a sizzling spooky experience that will only have you screaming with joy (because of the wads of cash you'll be winning, obviously).

We have some FREE-ky spins and petrifying Halloween-themed slots that will give Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers a run for their money, in store for you. So skip Elm street, walk another 2 blocks and head towards a nightmare on Thunderbolt avenue.


Spine-chilling Halloween Superstitions 🎃

While black cats are unlikely to cross your path in a casino poker tournament, we thought we'd delve into some peculiar casino superstitions.

  • Wear red, you'll be bloody lucky: Red is a traditional symbol of luck and prosperity in Chinese Culture. So it only naturally follows that putting on a little red number is bound to bring good fortune when gambling.

  • NEVER cross your legs: Crossing your legs when playing at online casinos will "cross away" your good luck streak. The same can be said if you cross your fingers while playing. Come to think of it... This superstition might just be a matter of table manners.

  • Don't trust a book of spells: The idea that you shouldn't place bets when someone nearby is reading a book (even one containing spells and free spins) is another one from traditional Chinese culture. Why, you may ask? It's because it's believed that the words "lose" (shīqù) and "book" (shū) are considered too similar.

  • Beware of Friday the 13th: This one is about unlucky (and lucky) numbers. Lucky numbers are a relatively varied kind of superstition that can differ significantly between people and cultures. The number 4 is regarded as unlucky in Chinese Culture because it sounds too similar to the phrase for death. The number 13 (we've all seen Friday the 13th, right?) is filled with superstition in some Western Cultures while being considered lucky in others, such as Italy. At the end of the day, lucky numbers are pretty personal. So, what's your lucky number? It's up to you!

Oh, by the way, a little bat told us that it's good luck to play at Thunderbolt and that those who do get an abundance of fortune. If you're superstitious, we recommend you give us a go. If you're not, we recommend it anyway. 😉


Lucky Halloween slots

When night falls, the dead awaken and roam the lands. The living light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

You could set a blaze or play the best Halloween slots. If you're leaning toward the latter, here are our top suggestions:


Count Cashtacular

  • Medium Volatility

  • 25 fixed paylines

  • Pick Bonus Feature

The full moon is out, and the ghoulish Count is awaiting your arrival in what is rumoured to be the most haunted castle ever to exist. Sink your teeth into this 25-payline slot machine, and you'll be COUNTing your big wins before you know it.


The Mariachi 5

  • High Volatility

  • 243 AWP lines

  • Free Games Feature

Grab your sombrero and sugar skull and join the vibrant festivities where the dead ancestors are the guests of honour. With a live performance from our favourite skeletal musicians, it's a real celebration of life and death in this day-of-the-dead-themed online slot.


Bubble Bubble 3

  • High Volatility

  • 50 paylines

  • Mega Magic Free Games Feature

"Double Double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble!" Join everyone's favourite spellcasters in this online slot game! Winni, Wanda, and Willow are here to conjure up a bubbling cauldron of wins just for you.


Voodoo Magic

  • Medium Volatility

  • 13 Variable Paylines

  • Free Spins Feature

Follow the wild priestess in the mysterious supernatural art of voodoo and conjure up the most significant wins. Black magic takes over the reels with dark objects that give you free spins and prize multipliers. Become a master of the dark arts in this chilling slot game.


Halloween Treasures

  • Low Volatility

  • 243 AWP lines

  • 4 Jackpots: Grand, Major, Minor and Mini

Trick or treat anybody? Don't worry. We tend just to give treats. You're never too old to chase the treasures of Halloween, and with this online slot, they come in the form of big wins. So, take a spooky stroll down dimly lit alleyways and get spinning.

This is one of the best Halloween themed online slots you can play at this spooky time of year because you can earn exclusive double comp points this October when playing Halloween Treasures. Talk about a real spin-chill!


A new slot for you to sink your teeth into... Coming soon!

Here's another Halloween slot machine that you can play in the dead of night when the veil between living and the dead is lifted - Spooky Wins will be unveiled soon.

Spooky Wins

  • 30 Pay Lines (expandable to 60 during Expanding Reels Feature)

  • Bonus Wheel, Wild Reels, Expanding Reels, Free Games

Gather your courage, don your ghostbusting gear, and prepare to embark on a journey through the unknown. Prepare yourselves for a hauntingly good time on the 11th of October.


A FREE-ky Free Bonus

We've also got a terrifying promotion that's bound to keep you up at night. So keep an eye out on your emails and messenger centre during the FREE-ky month of October...

Prepare yourself for spine-tingling payouts. Don't say we didn't warn you.



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