Winner in November

In a period of just one week Salomi P. cashed out a total of R36,000 using her collected comp points.

She collected a whole load of comp points over the months simply by playing and then did exactly the right thing – redeemed them for cash!

First of all she did a small test with just over 3000 comp points. She received over R30 in cash and played. Trying her luck on our amazing Asian-themed game Super 6, she won a R10,000 cash out.

After this success she went back to her comp points and redeemed just under 6000 comp points which earned her almost R60 in cash.

She then played her lucky game Super 6 again and surprise, surprise… she won again. But this time she was able to cash out an amazing R25,000.
And remember, all this happened within ONE week.

Congratulations to Salomi P.! Enjoy your big win and treat yourself to something special.
And to all our other loyal players: Collect comp points if you haven’t already done so and try your luck with them.

Don't forget you can collect double comp points until the end of November playing Mermaid Queen.

Good luck.


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