Orange T-Rex in the wild of the new T-Rex Wild Attack Slot at Thunderbolt Casino!

Get FUN-Tastic Free Games, Roaring Big Wins & Avoid a Deadly Dino Snack Attack!

What do three-horned faces, wing lizards and quick plunderers have in common? Nope… They are not secret codes for prominent world leaders! What we can tell you is they trigger real money wins when they strut onto the gaming grid of T-Rex Wild Attack.

Along with the key predator, the Tyrannosaurus rex, these dinosaurs are genetically modified to deliver filthy lucre. That is because they just so happen to be the high-paying symbols in the brand-new 6 reel and 30 payline SpinLogic Gaming slot!

In this third iteration, where the prehistoric beasts are once again revived on the reels, there’s nothing to fear. It’s the exact opposite! Play T-Rex Wild Attack online slot at Thunderbolt Casino and you can bank up to 50,000 x the payline bet. Yep! That is R12,500 in crisp bank notes – and it could be yours.


Hunt Jurassic Dinos for B-I-G Cash Prizes

The largest of the lizards have historically equated to mighty big wins at Thunderbolt Casino. In T-Rex Wild Attack, that fact is truer than ever. Contrary to expectations though, it is not the massive Triceratops – aka three-horned face – that pays out the most in late Cretaceous coinage.

Instead, it is the wolf-sized Velociraptor that generates the major prizes. This sleek blue feathered creature may hunt solo, but when it packs (and it’s only a matter of time… and some patience), you get awarded payouts of up to 900 x!

What is that in money? Tap that ‘+’ until you tap it out with a max bet, and you will bank a quick R225 in return. That is just about enough for a kilo of biltong without the fat at wholesale rates!

Besides big wins, the in-game antics in T-Rex Wild Attack slot are sharp. Free games deliver wild reels with escalating multiplier values up to 5 x. When the conditions are right, the T-Rex roars, stomps about and sends shivers down the spine.

The result? Dissolving symbol sets that make way for potentially greater returns! In truth, it is a jungle out there – and a Jurassic jungle at that!


Play the Game and Go 70 Million Years into the Past

Ever wondered what planet Earth looked like 70 million years ago? By all accounts it was lush and beautiful – but we are relying on inanimate fossils for that information. More importantly, it was populated by mega-beasts that would consider you and I hors d’oeuvres.

One way to mitigate the risk – of being eaten and beaten by the SpinLogic Gaming software – is to play the T-Rex Wild Attack demo game. Do that, and there is no need to flee when dinos with horns, frills, and angry beaks come wandering by!

The free play format at Thunderbolt Casino allows you to assess all the important stuff, like hit frequency, volatility, and average payouts. You can get an idea of how long it takes to activate the bonus features and then assemble a bankroll based on that.

Once you are armed with all the relevant information, you have a better chance of walking away with plenty of loose change in your pocket – and your limbs intact!



Random Roaring Cash Cascades

The titular dinosaur in T-Rex Wild Attack is not only impressive in ferocity and stature… It is also the wild in the slot symbol set. When it drops on the reels but fails to deliver a win, be warned. The next scene in the wild symbol showpiece can shatter the eardrums and strike fear in the heart.

What do we mean by the next scene? Well, it happens every so often and at random times in the game. The T-Rex lets out a roar, and part of the game board effectively shatters, leaving all the low-paying icons as dust and debris.

Their positions on the reels are filled with only three types of symbols – wilds, scatters, and the high-paying themed game tiles. What that means is when the T-Rex shouts, Thunderbolt Casino shakes – and payline wins are virtually guaranteed!


Free Games with Wild Multiplying Effects!

The T-Rex may be a mover and shaker but is the dinosaur egg that steals the show. Land three or more scatter eggs anywhere on the game board and guess what? You get free games – up to 20 free games, to be precise. That’s 20 opportunities to spin the reels, on us!

During the free games, a random reel can morph into a stacked wild reel. Plus, the reel is assigned a multiplier value ranging from 1 x to 5 x. Listen up, folks, if there is no immediate win, you get a respin with the wild reel locked in place.

Respins continue for as long as there are no paying permutations on the gaming grid. What is more, the multiplier value jumps by a factor of one each time. Besides generating prizes boosted by a multiplier effect of up to 5 x, the scatter pays out as much as 50 x the stake for six of a kind!

What is that in real money, as in ZAR, or South African rands? Go ahead and wager the maximum bet of R7.50 a spin – and you will get a roaring R375 out. That is a percentage increase of 4900%! Wouldn’t you want a bit of that?


Get Down and Dirty with Dinos Now at Thunderbolt Casino!

T-Rex Wild Attack is the third game in the T-Rex slots series. It may not blow you away in terms of aesthetics, but it is fun to play, nonetheless. If you were already a fan of its successors, the game should instantly make its way to your ‘must try’ list!

As with all Thunderbolt Casino slots, it is the bonus features that can make the most impact. In this 6x4 game, the cascade feature and free games really can change your fortunes around.

Why not sign up now, hit the T-Rex Wild Attack game tile and see what the menagerie of long-extinct reptiles has in store for you? Who knows… There could be 50,000 x the line bet credited to your online casino account – long before we shift from the Anthropocene epoch to the next!

30 Free Spins on T-Rex Wild Attack

Coupon code:DINO30

Requires a deposit in the last 30 days

Valid from 16 January 2024 - 07 February 2024

How to get your bonus: click the coupon code above or button below to directly add it to your account if you've made a deposit in the last 30 days | Thunderbolt Casino Terms & Conditions apply.


Orange T-Rex mouth wide open from the new slot game "T-Rex Wild Attack" at Thunderbolt Casino


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