Robin Hood and the Merry men in new online slot Robin Hood's Riches

Pocket some serious moolah in this REEL adventure.

Steal from the rich and give to the poor? That is radical economic transformation – and we have Robin Hood to thank for it. Yep. Our caped hero is the first proponent of REC!

Here is the thing people. Unlike self-inflated politicians, Robbie and his Merry Men did not keep the loot for themselves or dole it out to cadres. They stashed it on the reels of Robin Hood’s Riches slot – and it is fair game for the likes of you and me!

What that means is up to 75,000 x the line bet – or R18,750 in randela – is lurking about on the gameboard. As any good whistleblower will tell you, the only way to win is to grease palms! At Thunderbolt Casino, a bet will do!


Spin for a Share of the Spoils!

In Robin Hood’s Riches slot, ‘spin’ has a load of connotations. You can whack down a wager and spin to win in the usual way. What does that entail? Dropping three or more homogenous game tiles on one of 50 fixed paylines from left to right.

Then there is a special kind of spin. It is the showpiece of the Spin 'N Win feature but more about that later. Lastly there is the kind of spin we get into when we are in a rush or something amazing happens, like the year ends before it begins!

This kind of spin is a head spin. When you play Robin Hood’s Riches at Thunderbolt Online Casino, you can bank on it occurring quite frequently. The reason being a steady stream of multiplier enhanced five of a kinds ably enabled by Hood and his bow and arrows!


Play For Free and Get Ahead in the Game!

Not sure what we are on about? Well, the best way to get to grips with REC is to play the Robin Hood’s Riches demo game. That way, you can evaluate the average cost and rate of return of the tender – erm, we mean slot game – without committing any real capital.

It is a super smart tactic and one that can pay dividends when you switch across to the real money mode. How does free play help you cash-in? You can check out how long it takes to trigger a feature.

Once you have a fair idea of the cost-time ratio, you know what kind of bankroll to bring to the table. Then it is play to win. With all that inside information, you have to be ahead in the game!



Ah Look! There’s an Archer on the Board

As can be expected from an outlaw – even a mythical one at that – Robin Hood is armed to the teeth. He sneaks onto the screen and shoots arrows at the reels. Here is the kicker folks. The symbols pierced by the feathered missiles turn into wilds.

That is not the best of it. A prize multiplier of 1 x through to 3 x is displayed next to the game board and applied to the payline wins!

What is the upshot of having multiple wilds on the board at Thunderbolt Casino? It heightens the probability of hitting five of a kinds – and that means M-O-N-E-Y! How much money?

Take the title character as an example. In regular play, he delivers up to 500 x the payline bet. BTW, that is R125 when betting the R12.50 max per spin.

When Rob the Hood is both on and next to the reels, that same payout can climb to R375. How come? The multiplier effect. It multiplies the regular prize by as much as three times!


Spin N Win and That’s a Promise!

On occasion, a wild stack can fill a reel. It can happen organically or through Robin Hood’s amazing marksmanship. Firstly, you are paid out for the wilds. They share the top 500 x prize.

Secondly, the stack can randomly trigger the signature feature of the game. It is a ‘GTD win’ bonus round played on a 3x3 game board. The action is swift. It is a single spin featuring only identical gold coins.

Each coin is embellished with an instant win prize. Most are cash values but occasionally one or both of the jackpots displayed above the game board are in-play. At the end of the spin, you are awarded the collective total of all the money prizes.

If you are lucky that can include the constantly accumulating jackpots! Howzat for Robins Hood’s Riches… condensed!


Free Games and Flying Arrows!

Besides the one-off big paying free spin, what else is there to pump up the payout rate in Robin Hood’s Riches video slot? How about a free games feature? All you need is three or more scatter triggers and you are in. Plus, you get paid up to 5 x the total stake.

What is the bonus showstopper? Apart from 10, 15 or 20 free games, the Prince of Thieves is doing what he does best – hitting targets and adding wilds and prize multipliers to the fray.

This time around, Robin is basically loitering on the reels. In fact, you can bank on him appearing every other spin. Often times, the Archer feature is in-play on consecutive free spins. In practical terms that means more five of a kinds paid out at the highest available rate!

Go on people, get your wagers away playing Robin Hoods’ Riches slot now at Thunderbolt Casino. If you win – and you will – you don’t have to redistribute the wealth. It is all yours to do as you please.

With as much as R18,750 floating around, there is no time to waste. Register a Thunderbolt Casino account, claim a bonus, hit the games tab and play! There is a guaranteed win for everyone, no bribes or kickbacks required! 

Robin Hood with his merry men new online slot Robin Hoods Riches


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