Planet of the 'Roos New Online Slot

Go boldly where no-one has gone before! Get intergalactic bonus features & splashdown with a full payload!!

Howzit, Thunderbolters! There is a space race on the go… and a Rand-denominated podium finish may be in immediate future. Who needs a drag race or RuPaul when Planet of the 'Roos online slot has landed! It is packed with entertainment that pays out too.

Whether you are locked in low earth orbit or chilling on the couch, you have only one mission – and that is to sign up at Thunderbolt Casino. Once the formalities are over the next step is to hit the game tile featuring the rueful looking roo. You know? The hairy dude with a small blue boa balanced precariously between his ears!

Do that and you are edging ever closer to a max payload of 75,000 x the line bet. What is that in roo rands? Precisely R18,750 with the maximum R6.25 bet per spin in-play. That, space farers, is a 299900% return on investment!





A Boosted Five of a Kind Incidence Rate

The key to winning big in Planet of the 'Roos online slot machine lies with one of the two bonus features. Both are equally enticing and offer prizes ranging from mega wins to bet multipliers and jackpots.

That is not to say the base game does not deliver. It does… and up to 400 x the payline wager. When you drop the wild roo king onto the gameboard, the payout rate jumps. Why is that? He is a boomer kangaroo. These guys can leap eight metres into the air. That is the one reason for an escalating win rate.

The other is the fact the wild symbols in Planet of the 'Roos are stackable. They can fill one or more of the 5 reels from top to bottom. What is the big deal about wild symbol stacks? It boosts your chances of hitting multiple line wins on one spin!

Now, when the wild is stacked, the odds of achieving a five of a kind is super-favourable. Anyone who has played slots before knows five of a kinds are like gold. When you hit a complete matching symbol set on one of 25 paylines, a lot more money flits from the Planet of the 'Roos gameboard and into your Thunderbolt Online Casino account!




Dive into the Demo Game to Avoid Dark Matter

Are you a rookie astronaut or even a greenhorn gamer? Does dark matter and black holes in your bankroll give you the heebie-jeebies? If it is yes and yes again, here is a tip for nothing. You can fire up the jetpack and head straight on in…

A smarter alternative is to play it safe – and that is where the Planet of the 'Roos demo game steps in. It isn’t a dwarf planet or a dying star. It is the real deal with one exception: when you play Planet of the Roos in the fun mode at Thunderbolt Casino, no real money changes hands.

That means you can calibrate all the data safely from within your gaming space hub, but it test pilot mode. In other words, explore the hit frequency, payout rate, bonus activation time – all without the associated risk of losing any loot!



Unlock the Binary Bonus System for Big Bang Payouts

How do you get out of low earth orbit and rocket into deep space? You land at least three roo palace scatters anywhere on the game board. That is when the free games feature is live. Depending on the number of scatters, you are awarded up to 20 free games. During the complimentary game time, the three central reels are filled with one gigantic random symbol.

There is more, folks. The scatter, wild and bonus coin can expand into oversized symbols too. Besides boosting the potential payout rate special symbols deliver special effects. When the very big scatter lands on the gameboard, you get up to five extra free games. Hit the 4x4 bonus icon and you are in business! It immediately mutates into nine standard sized coins.

That unlocks the portal to the Planet of the 'Roos big bang bonus bonanza – the hair raising, jaw dropping Hold and Spin feature.


Rocketing Recurring Respins

The Planet of the 'Roos showpiece is the Hold & Spin feature. It is where the big bucks reside. It is triggered when at least six bonus coins land concurrently on the game board. When that happens, you are awarded three respins. The reels are replaced by 15 game tiles that rotate on their own axes. The only symbols that can appear on the tiles are bonus coins or nothing at all.

The action begins with the initial activating coins frozen in place. The rest of the game tiles rotate individually. When more coins appear on the grid, they too are locked into place and respins are reset back to three. The feature ends when no new coins appear on the modified gaming grid, or all 15 tiles are filled with bonus icons.

At that point you are awarded the prizes embellished on the gold coins. Prizes range from bet multipliers and the Mini, Minor and Major jackpot to the Grand fixed jackpot itself.

The mega-win is allocated to the lucky Thunderbolt player who drops all 15 coins on the gameboard. That is quite a feat considering the limited number of respins at your disposal!


Sign Up for Zero Gravity and Mega-Wins in Planet of the 'Roos at Thunderbolt!

The only way to get your share of roo rands is to play Planet of the 'Roos for real. You do not need a space capsule or even a jetpack to win. What you do need is a registered Thunderbolt Casino account – and you are good to go.

Go on and hit that ‘SIGN UP’ button at the top right of your screen right now. It’s a simple process that will lead to you being a full-fledged Thunderbolt Casino member! Plus, once you have crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is, you can begin your quest for cash winnings up to R18,750 in Planet of the 'Roos!

New Online Slot Planet of the Roos


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