Engaging trio of Mega Monster characters with a charismatic green monster center stage, flanked by a sleek vampire lady and a fierce werewolf, set against a spooky castle silhouette under a dark sky for Thunderbolt Casino.

Sliding reels, expanding boards and prize multipliers are the key to banking lots of loot – where winning is incidental.

Mega Monster? Not so much. It is Halloween for tiny tots. Bonus features are for grown-ups. So too is a top prize of 50,000 x the payline wager!

That is the story in the all-new SpinLogic Gaming slot. It is an online casino game with vampires, werewolves and patchwork monsters at its heart. Throw in a wealth of extra ways to win – which trigger arbitrarily – and the only ‘eek’ or ‘shriek’ you hear is one of pure delight!

Play Mega Monster slot machine at Thunderbolt and here is the deal. You can match monsters on the reels and pocket a wad. Better still, you can wait for the mists, flames or bats to roll in.

They are the portents of three special effects – all of which can boost the balance in the Thunderbolt Casino account.

Trigger free games as you normally would and the big time awaits. You get complimentary game rounds amplified by the factor of one – one being your pick of bonus feature or you can leave the selection to the serendipity of the software!





Rand Denominated Randomised Ways to Win!

In Mega Monster online slot, regular play is kind of passe. That is not to say you can’t win. You can – by dropping identical game tiles from left to right on one of 20 paylines.

What we are trying to say is gameplay is anything but one dimensional. The reason being the slew of random features that can trigger at any time – no special combos or secret codes required.

Take the sliding reels as an example. In this feature, the reels shift one spot to the left and continue to do so until they are all back in their original position. It is a slick little move that has the potential to unlock five or more successive wins – for ZERO outlay at all!

Wait. There is more. Franky, the dude with the flat head, bright green complexion and bolt through the neck mutates into a wild symbol. He along with the conventional wild maximises the probability of banking Mandela-embellished moolah!

Then there is the expanding grid. It kicks in when you are least expecting it and auto-adjusts the 5x3 game board to a 5x4 configuration. Paylines jump from 20 to 40, along with the chance of hitting loads of paying combinations!

The prize multiplier feature is self-explanatory. It too occurs sporadically and without a defined trigger. A wall of flames announces multiplier values ranging from 2 x to 5 x! Sweet!

What is the impact of the special effects on your Thunderbolt Casino account. It is hard to say. Drop 5-of-a-kind of Franky on the grid with a 5 x multiplier in play and you get 5,000 x the line bet. That, Bolts, is R1,250 in bank notes – and it could be yours!


Assess the Fright Factor in the Demo Game

How do you avoid confrontations that can cost you coin? You play the Mega Monster demo game first. That way you can get a feel of the spooky ambience and weigh up whether you have the courage to meet a monster head-on!

Free play is real play but without the money. You bet credits and win credits but no cash changes hands. That is the only anomaly. Everything else in the game, from the payouts, features, payback rate and time to trigger is matched across the board.

When you play for fun its gives you a head start. You can get a better idea of how often the Mega Monster pays out and what kind of bankroll is required to keep you going. It is the savvy way of getting to grips with Thunderbolt Casino slots!


Bonus Balls Trigger Feature-Rich Free Games

In Mega Monster video slot, bonus balls are collateral for guaranteed payline wins. The reason being they trigger free games. Drop three balls on the game board – a scatter gun approach will do – and you are paid 1 x the stake.

You are also awarded 10 free spins. Before the complimentary game time begins, you can pick one of the three random bonus features to enhance gameplay. Alternatively, you can leave it up to the software to make a choice.

What is especially alluring is the fact that the chosen feature triggers more frequently than during the base game. That means you are virtually guaranteed a tidy return – and a FREE one at that.

As to the theoretical value of what you can win, compliments of the casino? We know the maximum payout is 50,000 x the line bet. What is that in cash?

Bet the R5 maximum per spin and there is R12,500 concealed on the game board!






OR unlock the thrill of the hunt in Mega Monster, where playing with real money at Thunderbolt Casino means every spin could lead to SPECTACULAR wins! 




Thunderbolt Player Alert: Get a Share of Mega Monster Bucks Now!

Here is a fact. If you want a shot at claiming the ooh la la cash pot, you must be a registered member of Thunderbolt Casino – and that is that!

All it takes is one click and you are on your way to the good time. Mega Monster slot machine is one of hundreds of dope online slots, table games and video poker games available at your fingertips.

Besides the games, we offer sizzling hot bonuses and promotions, secure banking methods and around the clock customer support. Go on. Sign up, deposit, bet and play!


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