Did you know small fortunes await those cunning enough to feed baby dragons a strict sugary diet?

Yup, lollipops in particular add to their girths. They also amplify the net worth of an in-game bonus bounty!

If you want to snare a dragon and release free games galore, sign up at Thunderbolt Casino and tap on the Dragon Feast tile. Mystery symbols, dozens of wilds and multiple jackpots are signature features.





Free Games with Sweet Surprises!

Dragons aren’t always scaly fire-breathing mythical creatures. In the Dragon Feast slot, they are jolly rotund little fellas with gaping nostrils and wiggly ears. They perch above the reels snapping up lollies until they figuratively explode.

When that happens, the aftereffects are fragmented free games. Some number 100 in all, whilst others are sweetened with special effects that can turn nominal losses into gigantic gains. There’s more!

Besides a veritable free games fiesta, there is a high probability of dropping five-of-a-kinds. That way, there is a steady stream of income that can be used to bet, spin and win… repeatedly!


Play for Free

The Dragon Feast demo game is a wonderful tool. It allows you to assess the average payout rate, the hit frequency, and the upswings against the downswings. You can even gauge the effect of multiple mystery symbols on the fun balance of your Thunderbolt Casino account!

Free play is a genuine practice run. All the elements, from the payouts to the incidence of the bonus features is identical to that of the real money mode. Once you are satisfied with the demo mechanics, you can take the next step.



That, of course, is playing Dragon Feast online slot in ZAR – and earning genuine, as in real crisp currency, in return!



Drop Dragons for Base Game Wins

Besides the little ‘firedrakes’ with their bonus metres, there is a horde of colourful baby dragons in-play. They are the routine money generators in the 5 reel and 25 payline slot machine.

The purple dragon with a gold coronet is the highest paying symbol in the game. He – or she – shares that role with the wild symbol. Get five or more on the gameboard and you will win 100 x the bet.

The green dragon bearing gifts offers up to 70 x. The pink birthday boy and the blue balloon-touting character deliver a max of 50 x a piece. The cupcake and playing card symbols generate 30 x the wager for five-of-a-kind.


Mystery Symbols Deliver Knock-Out Prizes!

During standard Dragon Feast gameplay, mystery symbols are where the money is stashed. When one or more drop onto the reels they randomly mutate into the same identical symbol. Mystery icons habitually appear stacked and they can also morph into the wild symbol.

These symbols are frequent visitors on the reels. They also boost the payout rate. In fact, they are the main reason why five-of-a-kinds roll in with awesome regularity!

If you are lucky, 10 or even 15 matching symbols can drop at a time to deliver two- or even three-figure payouts. That is especially true when the wild is the product of the Mystery Symbol Feature!


Free Games with Accumulating Bonus Effects

Now to the hatchlings at the top of the gameboard. They represent three different free game modes – the Free Games Feast, Free Games with Jackpot Chance, and Free Games with Wilds. The dragons are blue, pink, and green respectively.

Each dragon collects lollipops of the same colour. These bonus symbols only ever land on icons arising from the Mystery feature. Depending on the colour of each bonus icon, the tally of either the free games and wilds displayed on the metres increases by a factor of 1 or the value of a random jackpot rises.

To start with, there are nine free games and 15 wilds. Jackpot values are set at 10 x, 20 x, 30 x 50 x, and 100 x the bet. As the game progresses, you can accumulate as many as 100 free games and 100 wilds. Maximum jackpot values are incalculable!

The kicker in the Dragon Feast video slot is this. You only need one blue, pink, or green lollipop to randomly trigger the respective free games feature. When you do that, you are awarded the number of free games displayed on the meter or seven free games with a chance at hitting one of five jackpots or seven free games with the visible wilds tally!

What is more, it is possible to activate all three free game features… at the same time. Do that and you can take an extended work break and play slots at Thunderbolt Casino instead!


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Dragon Feast

Are you a dragon dealer of Harry Potter fame? If you are, you can conjure up big wins on the reels. When you keep the little dragons watered and well-fed, there is a slew of free games, some with added benefits, waiting in the wings.

Register an account at Thunderbolt Casino, load the Dragon Feast online slot in your browser right now – and allow the mystery and money mayhem to unfold!


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