Buffalo Mania Deluxe game cover featuring a fierce buffalo with glowing eyes against a mystical background.

Get ready to stampede your way to fortune with this new slot game!

Hey Bolters! Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot is more bull than dust – buffalo bulls, of course. When buffs appear on the grid you are in the money.

When they perform a rout across the reels there is a wild win in your immediate future. Mark the day; 5th of June you will find the Buffalos at Thunderbolt Casino!


What is the key to gaining ka-ching at Thunderbolt Online Casino? Major symbols that sub ‘one for all’ and bonus wheel spins that deliver.

When you pair the extra ways to win with expanding reels and pay ways that rapidly increase in number, banking the bucks is not an anomaly. It is a given!

In this fresh Thunderbolt Casino slot free games are common fare. A lonely multiplier can boost the total bet by ten times. That is 10 x THE STAKE, people and not the bet per pay way!

Throw in a jackpot that hypothetically tips the scales at R12,880 and Buffalo Mania Deluxe online slot is clearly a bovine breed all of its own!

Are you ready for a real money roundup? Do you want a share of up to 2060.80 x in booty?

Why not login now to drop the large brown ‘cow’ and the rest of the Wild West mob on grid! Special effects are an added boon. They are either arbitrarily awarded or scatter-dependent!

If you are not a registered patron at Thunderbolt Casino, tap the Sign Up tab and enter your deets. It is as easy as that to get immediate access to our scintillating selection of online casino games and bonuses!


Larger Grids, More Win Ways!

 Load Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot machine in your browser and something profound can happen. When the Major Mania Replacement feature kicks in, the 6x4 grid can explode in size.

It may expand to a 6x5 or 6x6 set-up. Win ways accordingly rise from the standard 4,096 to 15,625 or a whopping 46,656 pay ways, respectively.

Think about it. With tens of thousands of ways to win in contention every spin of the reels is a gimme. That by the way is a golfing expression for not technically holing a ball but getting a point nonetheless!

Bigger grids and more win ways are not limited to the one random special effect. They may or may not be part of the free games bonus rounds. That, Bolters, is determined by a spin of the bonus wheel.

Now to how the substitution of all the themed symbols take place in Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot machine.

A window randomly appears featuring the buffalo, bear, cougar and wolf. The software selects one of the beasts – and that is the major replacement symbol.

It is exchanged for all the other themed icons on the grid and you are paid out accordingly.

What makes this feature a hottie? The fact no bet is involved. Plus, only high paying game tiles are part of the action!


When Buffalos Rout, Wilds are About!

When you play Buffalo Mania Deluxe online at Thunderbolt Casino you have to wear protective gear. The reason being buffalos can stampede at any point in the game!

When that happens, you are left in the dust. Wild symbols can magically appear on the grid. If you are lucky money can flow into your Thunderbolt Casino account – and it is a one way exchange.

Why the one way cash flow? Bursting Wilds are randomly allocated to the grid after any spin. It is a bet-free bonus that may or may not pay out lots of loot!

That is the online slots’ starters, the appetisers. Now for the main course.


A Badass Bonus Wheel

The signature feature in Buffalo Mania Deluxe slot is the scatter-activated Bonus Wheel. You need 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the game board to earn one spin.

Why the big deal about the wheel? It is packed with badass prizes ranging from free games with or without modifiers to an instant win jackpot.

Sandwiched onto one of the segments is a 10 x multiplier – not of the bet per win way but the whole darn stake!

When it comes to free games, there are six available tranches on the wheel. They range from 6 free games with bursting wilds (aka buffalo stampedes) to 15 free games played on a 6x5 grid.

When you spin the badass bonus wheel, you always win – and that is a fact!


Hunt Big Beasties for Free in the Buffalo Mania Deluxe Demo Game

Why do clever folks always give machines and systems a test run prior to purchase? So that they know everything works as it should.

That is a sentiment that should apply to Thunderbolt online casino games too.

If you want to ‘try before you buy’ or in this case bet, you can fire up the game engines of the Buffalo Mania Deluxe demo game first.

That way you can get a feel of how often the random special effects are in-play. You can assess the average win to loss ratio.

Heck, you can even try and determine whether there is an art to spinning the bonus wheel and hitting the big paying jackpot!

Once you have figured out all the technical stuff you can exchange credits for cash in no time at all.

Then you can get down to the serious business of moving money off the board and into your Thunderbolt Casino account!


Why Buffalo Mania Deluxe Slot is a Thunderbolt Epic

What do we like about Buffalo Mania Deluxe? A game board that auto-increases in size is a good place to start.

The fact it is linked to two bonus features immediately increases the probability of scooping up plenty of pay way wins – for free!

Then there is the Major Mania Replacement special effect that habitually appears back-to-back.

As the focal point of the feature is the high paying game icons, that is where it is possible to accrue Big, Super Big and Mega Big Wins!

Throw in a Bonus Wheel with guaranteed prizes – one of which is a jackpot – and it is clear that Buffalo Mania Deluxe is more than a standard any time slot. It is an epic.

Login or sign up at the number one ZA-facing online casino and play to win now!


A fierce buffalo with glowing eyes next to the Buffalo Mania Deluxe logo on a vibrant, colorful background.


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