Accepted vs. not accepted Proof of Address Documents at Thunderbolt Casino:

Example of what a document that Thunderbolt Casino will accept might look like

 Correct example of how a proof of address document should look at Thunderbolt Online Casino. Clear, not blurry, all four corners visible, 100% legible

  • Full document.
  • Clear, good quality.
  • Not cropped in any way.
  • Thunderbolt Casino will accept a picture/screenshot of the document. Provided it is clear and not grainy, blurry, pixelated, or cropped.
  • Digital bills are accepted if they are official documents (e. g. tax bills, bank statements, electricity bills).
  • Shopping bills are not accepted. Envelopes are not accepted as POA.
  • Has to be issued within the last three months. Issued dates should be clearly visible.


Example of a document that won't be accepted:

Example of an incorrect proof of Address document at Thunderbolt Online Casino. This will not be accepted as a form of Proof of ID


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