The first gaming platform is one of the most common - the download platform. We at Thunderbolt are extremely proud of the immaculate quality that our downloaded casino has to offer. It features superior graphics and, because we have the crème de la crème of all RTG’s games the downloaded platform has not proven to be heavy on hard drives.

Below you will find some advice/ tips on which platforms to use when and where, as well as a few comparisons between the various platforms that we have to offer.


Three Super Platforms


Many players prefer playing on the Instant Play platform. This platform allows you to play directly on your internet server. There are only two slight drawbacks to playing in Instant Play. One is that some promotional games are offered only in the download version. That’s a minor drawback.

More frustrating is when you have in and out internet service. When you play in the download version, the casino is already on your computer; when you rely on your server, you might have more down time than you would like. Unfortunately, that is something of a problem in many countries but there are also good reasons to prefer


Instant Play over download.


The first is that Instant Play takes up no space on your hard drive. Many gamers have a lot of other things ensconced on their hard drives like movies, music, other games, and even work product! They prefer Instant Play because it preserves their hard drives for other uses.

The second reason is that with so many online casinos around (thousands) and so many game providers (about 200), many players like to play at a number of online casinos. At Thunderbolt casino, we welcome the challenge to be as good as or better than all other online casinos in South Africa.

Modern computer technology has improved so much that the graphics in Instant Play are as good as the graphics in the download version.


Thunderbolt Mobile Casino


In just a few years, a majority of players have decided that they prefer playing at a mobile casino over a desktop casino. Convenience is the first reason that comes to mind; people like playing when they have so-called dead time like when they are on the train or waiting for the doctor. A lot of gamers play on their mobile device at home! That’s because the number of games on offer at Thunderbolt Mobile Casino is high and the graphics are so much better than ever!