So, you’ve registered and made use of your various new player deposits; now is the time to play!

At thunderbolt we have a massive collection of top online casino games provided by the best of the best- RTG (RealTime Gaming) which has proven time and again, to be one of the top online casino game providers.

The most popular games to date are slots, this is also the category in our casino where you will find the most games.


Table Games


Thunderbolt has a broad selection of all the classic table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. We highly recommend that you learn the nuanced rules of the table games so you’ll be on the best footing once the gaming begins.

At the same time, be prepared for the very real possibility that you will walk away from your playing session with a bit less cash than you had when you started. That's the risk you take and you have to prepare for that possibility.  Look at it as your entertainment cost - the same way that going to a movie has a cost to it.  Therefore, make sure you practice responsible betting by setting aside money you can afford to lose and sticking to that amount.


Video Poker


At many online casinos South Africa, video poker is massively catching on with gamers. The nature of the game is such that the return to player rate is about 99%. That’s because the Random Number Generator (RNG) which determines the outcome of every hand, cannot be calibrated to return less than that to players. So, many players learn the basic strategy and can play for hours sometimes winning a little and sometimes the house ends up with a little but always players finish a video poker session with a big smile on their face.


Casual Games


If you like scratch cards and bingo, this is the area of our casino you’ll love the most. We suggest playing all the games because they are so good!

If you find yourself ahead of the house at some point, quit and enjoy your winnings. A few more spins of the slots reels are just as likely to work against you are they are to work for you. You aren't really risking the money you may win in the future. You are risking the money you already won.


Win Big on Progressive Jackpots at Thunderbolt


You can win big in the bonus rounds of every one of our slots. If you’re looking for a really great win, we have some progressive jackpots that you can go for. When you play for a progressive jackpot, remember to bet the maximum; that’s how you qualify for the big jackpot!

the future. You are risking the money you already won.


Play for Fun


We at Thunderbolt Casino want you to get the most entertainment value from the time you spend with us. One of the services we provide is to allow unlimited free play. This helps you, our esteemed gamers, in two ways. First, you can conserve your bankroll and still enjoy the excellent game play in all our games. We can offer unlimited free play because, unlike a land based casino, we have virtually unlimited space.

When you play at Thunderbolt Casino, you never have to wait for a table. Even if every adult in South Africa is playing, or every adult in all of Africa is playing, or even if every adult in China is playing—you never have to wait!

So play for free if you wish.

The second way unlimited free play helps gamers is that it gives you the chance either to learn the nuances of a game or to decide if you like the game. Whilst we love all our games, we accept that we are a bit less than impartial on that score. Some players like blackjack and others prefer a different game. So, if you want to check out our blackjack varieties, you can do so FOR FREE! Many players check out a game they thought they probably wouldn’t like so much and they discovered that they really love the game!