Thando has recently reported back to us and says: "People in Spain have a tradition that's called "12 Grapes at Midnight". While the church bells are chiming 12 times as the clock strikes midnight, the tradition here is that people stuff 12 grapes into their mouths and have to chew and swallow them before the bells stop chiming. These 12 grapes symbolize the 12 lucky months that lie ahead in the new year.

While there's no way for us to join the "12 Grapes at Midnight" on new years eve tradition, by turning back the hands of time, we've decided to associate these grapes with something very famous that comes out of our beautiful country South Africa- Wine!

Which type of wine do you prefer most? Is it red or white? Choose one of the coupons below and redeem the code accordingly. Please note: only one choice per customer allowed.

Bonus info:

R25- for Bonus #1 50% up to R500 + 30 Achilles spins RIESLING
OR - -
R25- for Bonus #2 100% up to R1000 PINOT-NOIR