Thando's gathered the following information for us this week, he says: "People in Scotland have a tradition that's called "First Footing". This refers to the first person to set foot in the house just after midnight on New Years eve.

It is said that this person should be a tall, dark haired male who is let in by you via the front door and leaves via the back. This person should bring with him 5 things that symbolize good luck. #1 a lump of coal, #2 a bit of bread, #3 some salt, #4 black bun (which is a type of fruitcake covered with pastry), and lastly, #5, a silver coin.

Enjoy 5 lucky symbols from us to get into the first footing spirit (even though it's a tad late), we're here to have fun right? Please note: bonuses need to be redeemed in consecutive order. General Thunderbolt T&Cs apply.

Bonus info:

R25- for Bonus #1 50% up to R500 + 15 Gemtopia spins LUMP-OF-COAL
R25- for Bonus #2 75% up to R750 + 15 Naughty or Nice spins BREAD
R50- for Bonus #3 100% up to R1000 + 15 Kung Fu Rooster spins SOME-SALT
R50- for Bonus #3 125% up to R1250 + 15 Dragon Orb spins BLACK-BUN
- R150 free (after redeeming the match bonuses above) SILVER-COIN