Thando'S Birth

Thando the chameleon hatched from his egg just one year ago on 21 March 2015. As he climbed out of his shell, he realized he was on top of the picturesque mountain range of Outenique.

Ostrich Oliver

Thando was all alone until a strange creature came trotting up the hill. He had very long legs and an even longer neck. He introduced himself as Oliver the ostrich. Thando didn’t want to be left alone any longer so he caught a ride on Oliver’s back all the way to Mossel Bay.

Dolphin Dori

The little chameleon thanked his ostrich friend who went on his way again. Thando sat on the beach, watching the waves crash. It was such a beautiful place. Suddenly, he noticed some movement down near the water. Thando ran over and discovered a dolphin that was stuck on the beach and clearly in distress. He quickly grabbed the dophin’s tale and dragged him back into the water. The dolphin, whose name was Dori, thanked Thando for his kindess and offered him a ride to one of the most beautiful places in the land, Hermanus.


Thando jumped off Dori’s back and waved goodbye. He spent a lot of time watching all the amazing surfers in the water and decided to give it a try. While Thando was splashing around, he heard a thundering crash and looked up to see a frightening storm blackening the skies. The other surfers had already reached the safety of the shore and they waved and shouted for Thando to get out of the water. But it was too late. There was another deafening crash of thunder followed by the bright light of a lightning strike.


When Thando opened his eyes, he realised he was back on the beach. The surfers had rescued him from the water after he was hit by lightning. A kind lady spoke to him, asked him how he was and what his name was. Thando shook his head. He had no name. “Well then we will call you Thando, the Zulu word for love. My name is Alisa. You’re going to have an impressive scar there, Thando.” Alisa pointed to the gaping cut on Thando’s forehead. “You’re going to be fine Thando, come with me.”

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Thando and the Casino

The lovely Alisa took Thando to meet her friends. It turns out that Alisa was a brand manager from an online casino called Thunderbolt. She and her colleagues had been enjoying the Cape Town sunshine as part of a teambuilding holiday when they met the little chameleon. Alisa and her colleagues insisted that the meeting was fate and that Thando must join them as their mascot and guardian for Thunderbolt Casino. It was perfect. From his near-death experience with lightning to the thunderbolt-shaped scar on his head, Thando was the perfect fit for Thunderbolt Casino.

And that is the story of how Thando the chameleon came to join the Thunderbolt Casino team to act as a proud mascot for many years to come.